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Herbalife preaches and sucks low income an minority groups into their cult like any other Pyramid scheme

Just like Primerica and MCA Herbalife is a scam, fraud and a too good to be true business, they are under investigation by the FBI for many reasons, medically proven Soy is not a healthy protein, secondly in higher doses can cause Seizures, Mood Swings, anxiety, shaking and flashes.

Many are unaware Soy is a Protein rich in Estrogen which is not just linked to cancer it CAUSES it, and many are uneducated and not taught this in class, we have spoken to many people have no clue, many have spent the initial 60.00 start up and spend 250.00 or more a month with mild discount, to buy and use the products, someone generally reaches out to you on social media sounding like a Pastor, saying how great life and our products are and in fact the Smartest people are prone to the scheme.

The reason these happen to those that are low income, or Minority groups is because, many are looking for that way to make an extra buck or financial freedom, and of course you have the few that are on Top doing vid…