Herbalife preaches and sucks low income an minority groups into their cult like any other Pyramid scheme

Just like Primerica and MCA Herbalife is a scam, fraud and a too good to be true business, they are under investigation by the FBI for many reasons, medically proven Soy is not a healthy protein, secondly in higher doses can cause Seizures, Mood Swings, anxiety, shaking and flashes.

Many are unaware Soy is a Protein rich in Estrogen which is not just linked to cancer it CAUSES it, and many are uneducated and not taught this in class, we have spoken to many people have no clue, many have spent the initial 60.00 start up and spend 250.00 or more a month with mild discount, to buy and use the products, someone generally reaches out to you on social media sounding like a Pastor, saying how great life and our products are and in fact the Smartest people are prone to the scheme.

The reason these happen to those that are low income, or Minority groups is because, many are looking for that way to make an extra buck or financial freedom, and of course you have the few that are on Top doing videos everyday and preaching to you why it's great, why you should sell it and why you should use and push it on others.

This is called the SCAM, the more people you bring in the more the top level people make, and you spend hours in training, driving and make little to 0 dollars in some cases a few dollars, but all the time lost and wasted for what, anyone can learn a product and use it and not sell it for others.

The videos come as speakers that sound in many cases politicians and they make you feel like the sky is the limit, you end of neglecting your family and animals for this, forgetting what is important, driving and spending all day and evening  for nothing in return.

These products tell you they are meal replacements, anything in moderation is GREAT but 2-3 of these highly sugar hidden chemicals, some that Herbalife claimed to have removed, yet still under investigation, are in fact dangerous, many have gotten diabetes, HBP and other issues, never do more than 1 shake of ANY meal replacement a day.

Liquid diets based off of any supplement is not only dangerous it can cause severe damages to your body and organs and even brain chemical imbalances....

Many people who are overweight lose a ton of weight here is the NEXT scam, you go to the class, usually in low income areas and PAY yes PAY 5.00 you get the class and shake, than if your new they try to make you part of their Scheme.

5.00 a class per person per day or a membership? WHAT for ? you can buy the products or your product why spend another 5-10-15 a week plus 250.00 a month and why not go to your own gym, here is why you lose weight you live off the shakes and do crazy workouts, which ANYONE can do but, many do not do any resistance training, and they eat whatever they want and do shakes, when you get up close they look like a pile of loose skin, sure SOME look great.

The great look is NOT from Herbalife or ANY supplement, it's from hard work, herbalife scam is to make you think you are getting results from their products, making you BUY more of it and start buying their skin, hair and other products when in fact the stuff is not better IF not worse than anything avail over the counter.

By LAW you only have to list ingredients that are something someone CAN have a severe allergy to, NOT Long term effects, this means that many ingredients in herbalife and other products are NOT listed, many complain of  head pain, short tension spans, vision loss.

When you go to a person and try to open them up to the facts they dismiss it, that is because they are brainwashed by other associates to not trust the truth, and stay away from all negative posts and videos.

That sounds pretty much like Democrats VS. GOP and politics as usual right?

Well it is the same thing Herbalife is a Business and not to help you, many people of the low income and minority community are exposing the scams and the herbalife pres and ceo are trying to censor it, that is because Herbalife is falling slowly, they are under massive investigations and MOSTLY out of Los Angles many of their fit-hero camps are closing and than new ones opening, when you do a shake party you think it's all fun when in fact your just a sheep working making others money, while you waste your time and efforts!!!!!!

Anyone Can lose Weight and anyone can get fit it's all in ur diet and workouts, when people sound so positive and so great the ODDS are it's not so great, too many of us sit back and listen to what we wanna hear not what we need to hear. Herbalife is just like any other scam do not fall for it, if you like the products do them in moderation and do ur own gym and workout, don't waste extra time money, neglecting others for nothing in return......

I will never take or use or sell Toxic stuff you should not either!!!!!!!!!!

Btw when you wake up and quiet the Business be ready to lose 80% of your people from the community that is because your no longer any value to them, since you quit making them money!!!!!!